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Information Technology (IT) Resume Examples and Tips

Information Technology (IT) Resume Examples and TipsInformation Technology (IT) Resume Examples and TipsFor anyone job searching, writing aresume can be an extremely challenging task, but forinformation technology(IT) professionals, it can be especially difficult. The highly technical industry is constantly evolving, and resumes need to be continually updated. Understand Attention Span Across all fields, job listings often get hundreds or even thousands of submissions. Due to volume, hiring managersoften just skim resumes. If your resumeis just a block of text, your application will likely be discarded without the manager ever reading it. To avoid this, you need to break upyour resumeinto categories, such as education, work history, and skills. You should also create bulleted lists to neatly summarize key information. Lists and categories make resumes more visually appealing and easy to read. Limit the Length of Your Resume Hiring managers have a limited amount of time to dev ote to reading resumes, so try to limit your resume to one page, or two at the absolute fruchtwein. Anything more than that two pages will probably be ignored. Use your resume to highlight your biggest achievements but be sure to remove any work experience from college or high school.Also, remove any experiences that are not directly related to the job youre applying for. If you have a variety of experience, you may want to create different versions of your resume that highlight those different experiences. These experience-specific resumes can be used when applying for different positions. Highlight Accomplishments, notlage Tasks Most resumes read like a list of tasks, such as updated company software, used problem-solving skills to troubleshoot, created databases. While this tells a company what you did each day, it doesntset you apart from the competition by highlighting what you uniquely bring to the job. Instead, focus on your accomplishments and mention them as specificall y as possible. For instance, if you created a program that simplified processes and saved employees time, that is important to mention. Any instance where you delivered results ahead of deadline, under budget, or exceeded expectations is worth highlighting. Whenever possible, use numbers to quantify your successes. For example, if you developed an app that saved your company money, state how much money it saved. If you helped streamline a process, use a percentage to show how much more efficient the process became. IT recruiters, especially, appreciate this kind of data. Use Keywords You should tailor every resume to fit the job youre applying for. One way to do this is to includekeywordsfrom the job listing on your resume. For example, if the job listing includes a number of required skills, include those skill words in your resume (although only if you have those skills). This will help a recruiting manager easily see that you are qualified for the job. Moreover, many companie s use anApplicant Tracking System(ATS) to screen applicants. If an applicant does not have enough keywords from the job listing in their application, the candidate might be eliminated. Remove Personal Interests Unless your interests directly relate to your work, employers really dont care if youre passionate about soccer, music, or photography. Be sure to take out the interests section of your resume. The only exception to this is if your outside volunteer work corresponds with your work. For instance, if you created a program for a local non-profit to manage donor information, that is something thats relevant to include on your resume. Emphasize Skills Although you want to remove unrelated interests, you do need to include tech skills on your resume. In a section labeled Skills (or something similar, like Technical Competencies)include any software programs, programming languages, and other skills that are important for the job. Theres no need to include the basic tech skil ls that most job applicants have, such as knowledge of Microsoft Office. Avoid Confusing Technical Language While youll have to use technical language in your resume (for example, in your list of technical skills), avoid using too much jargon, especially acronyms and terms that some people arent familiar with. Avoid technical language that was specific to your old company. Instead, stick to industry terms that everyone in IT is familiar with. Keep in mind that recruiters may not be familiar with tech jargon, so only use as much technical language as you need to show what youre capable of. Review Resume Examples Having an example of a resume may make the process of creating or updating your resume easier. Perusing sample resumes for such positions as?Front End Web Developer,?Help Desk Technician,??Software Engineer, Tech Contractor, and?Web Developerwill prove helpful. Proofread and Edit Your Resume Just because you are in IT doesnt mean you can have spelling or grammar e rrors on your resume. Make sure you thoroughly proofread your resume before submitting it. Ask a friend or even a career coach to read through your resume as well, looking for errors as well as inconsistencies in your formatting.

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The Hidden Gem of Make a Resume Online Free

The Hidden Gem of Make a Resume Online Free Key Pieces of Make a Resume Online Free All you need to do is select the file you need and click on it. If you know a small html, you could even like to conserve the surce to disk, add a couple of further tags, and voila You also receive the choice to select a template from the bunch of beautiful resume templets out there. So make sure you modify downloaded files to you get to coincide with your experience accordingly.It is possible to choose various colours and font. It is normal for users using IE or another internetbrowser to download, but possibly annoying in the event you run many downloads at the same time. Select a folder in which you wish to save your download and, once its completed, your download will start in another window. After starting a download, you will find a dialog box that you may use to pick a location for your file. Make a Resume Online Free Ideas Unless and until we get in their mindset, it can be quite t ough to crack the code of succeeding. Think about host resume online for a system, which you are able to logically creates to be able to target a particular work and to win the middle of the organization. The actual men and women highly praise our essay help site. Your cover letter is among your very first opportunities to get noticed by employers. We created these new designs as a result of expanding popularity of our explainer about how to compose an expert profile. Our completely free cover letter examples will provide you with a fantastic start. Finally, dont neglect to take a look at our professional cover letter examples. Heres What I Know About Make a Resume Online Free An easy, traditional resume is fit for all circumstances, by definition, but will offer you a crystal clear advantage when applying for traditional positions. This decision depends on your field of study, academic and professional abilities and career program. It supplies an employer a feeling of what you could do and what experience youve got. A perfect option for candidates with a great deal of experience who want to have a really good one-page resume template. Preparing an accurate resume isnt a simple endeavor Bear in mind this specific template is ideal for those with some or significant work experience only. Hopefully, these creative resume builder tools will allow you to create creative, attractive resume CV to stand from the crowd during the procedure for getting hired, thus assisting you to win the top paying jobs. But remember the manner in which you format your resume is extremely important based on how much experience youve got, or in case you have any job gaps. The Unexposed Secret of Make a Resume Online Free Presenting your information visually will help you distinguish yourself from the crowd. Along with our free resume creator, we additionally offer help and ideas that explain how to compose a resume, the proper use of action verbs, appropriate format info rmation, and printing ideas to acquire optimal outcomes. Finally, weve got a help and tips section to reply to your questions and direct you through the computer system. Always think about the reader requirements. You will shortly locate the official data about us. The sections are simple to skim for the most relevant info. All the info required isnt time-consuming. Whispered Make a Resume Online Free Secrets Our resume builder is the quickest approach to create a resume that will allow you to get your fantasy job. A lot of businesses are placing mora importance in building an excellent company culture. As an issue of fact, on an average, the majority of the recruiters do not search for over 6 seconds at a resume. You will have an optimal resume in no moment, providing you the best possibility of landing your next job. Getting the Best Make a Resume Online Free You have to find gain and using host resume on the internet to create your self sparkle that could force you to j ump to the most truly effective priority. For the company, host resume online will act as the very first tool if they selected the choice for more review. You may think that there are already dozens of free resume building services out there in the internet world. One of the most important reason is the shortage of probable resources. Dont overlook to demonstrate that you presently knowledgeable regarding the role for the particular industry and inform your skill which permit you to and the organization to thrive. Its really a specific approach that you need to use to promote your qualities, wisdom and skill. Evidently, you must still note different abilities that are applicable along with different qualification which you think they search for. When you have gained enough knowledge, you can start building your own. It supplies a professional appearance to your online built resume or CV. As soon as your profile is completed, you are going to have access to the Resume Builde r. This site is providing more advanced qualities to create Resume. Creating Resume here is as easy as creating an on-line profile.

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What Everybody Is Saying About Handing Writing in with Resume Is Wrong and Why

What Everybody Is Saying About Handing Writing in with Resume Is Wrong and Why How to Find Handing Writing in with Resume Remember that multiple revisions could be necessary to receive your copy as shortand compellingas possible. Simply speaking, the correspondence must be well-thought and carefully composed. Thus, its essential to comprehend how to compose a formal letter efficiently. Writing effective covering letters may not be your absolute best abilities. Based on where you want to find work you will want to adapt your Spanish resume, or as its more popularly known in Europe, your Spanish CV, to the particular regulations of that nation. Your resume needs to make them obvious. On the off likelihood that the correspondence contains even a small quantity of uncertainty, you may wind up return to a wreck. Handing Writing in with Resume Explained The coding task should not be ridiculously extensive. You are able to make your own cover letter template on your mac utiliz ing the above mentioned format. You are going to want to use an eye-catching, reader-friendly format that will nonetheless permit you to fit in all your relevant info. Selecting the right resume format can be a rather confusing procedure. New Questions About Handing Writing in with Resume By putting in the time and effort needed, you are going to be showing the employer that youre a professional, that youve got the desire required to become a superb employee, and that youre a good fit for the job which he or shes offering. If youre short on experience and searching for an entry-level position, you might want to highlight things like grades, awards, and so forth. Submitting a resume to reveal youre a valuable education leader is essential to securing interviews. One of the absolute most important and intimidating actions in the work search method is writing a solid resume that gets the attention you need and need. Whatever They Told You About Handing Writing in with Resume Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why Alas, many job seekers become overwhelmed before they even begin. You arent obliged to list each and every job you have at any time held. Make sure that you dont get bogged down with the creative procedure and remember to incorporate all your job duties, tasks and accomplishments. The job write-ups will be quite similar, but perhaps with a couple diverse accomplishments. The New Angle On Handing Writing in with Resume Just Released The absolute most important consideration when deciding upon a writing sample ought to be quality. In the event of such a measure, its crucial to send a cover letter together with the resume. Financial planning goes together with technology. Ok, I Think I Understand Handing Writing in with Resume, Now Tell Me About Handing Writing in with Resume Sooner or later you are going to have to own up. Employing a Spanish resume builder will provide you the very best Spanish CV templates with professional examples to comprehe nd how to optimize your work application in Spanish. Application instructions may let you know what to set in your subject line. There are always similarities and differences to be taken into consideration when you should create a resume to submit an application for work in a different country or simply employing a different language. Additionally, there are many means to communicate a single idea utilizing different action verbs, which permits you to bring some spice to your resume. The very first action to do with the formatting is to make the experience section. Your resume should be formatted in an easy, professional method. The trick to finding the correct resume format samples is to seek one that is going to suit both your personality in addition to be suitable for the job which you are searching for. On occasion the work listing wont provide you all of the powerful keywords for resumes. It is very important to tailor your resume to the particular job or career of yo ur pick. When youre in search of work, your resume plays an essential role in getting you selected for an interview.

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Meal and Rest Breaks From Work Laws

Meal and Rest Breaks From Work LawsMeal and Rest Breaks From Work LawsAre you entitled to a lunch break or to get paid for time taken to eat a meal? Federal law does notlage require rest or coffee breaks for employees. Lunch, dinner, or other meal periods (typically lasting at least 30 minutes) are not considered work time and employees are not entitled to be paid for their meal break. However, some states have laws that provide for breaks. These laws vary based on location, classification of workers and the age of the employee. The U.S. Department of Labormaintains a list of state laws requiring meal breaks for employees. In addition, many companies voluntarily provide breaks to maintain morale and productivity. How Many Breaks Do Employees Get During a Workday? There are no federal regulations that determine a set number of breaks per number of hours worked. Some states have employment laws which determine how many breaks from work an employee is entitled to during a shift. For example, in Minnesota, time to use the nearest restroom must be provided within every four consecutive hours of work. California provides a paid 10-minute rest period for every four hours worked. Vermont doesnt specify the length of time of the break, but says Employees are to be given reasonable opportunities during work periods to eat and use toilet facilities. Pay for Breaks from Work Although it might be required that employees have a break, employers are generally not required to pay for it. When employers provide short breaks from work (usually lasting about 5 to 20 minutes), federal law considers the breaks as work hours you should be paid for. If an employee works through lunch, they are still legally entitled to compensation for their time. Employers must pay you if your state requires paid lunch breaks or if you had to work through what should have been a break. This time should be included in the sum of your hours worked during the workweek and considered in determin ing ifovertimewas worked. Employees that are not allowed to take breaks or are forced to work through their lunch hour without compensation should contact theirstate labor departmentto submit a claim against their employer. Meal Breaks and Federal Law Federal Laws The Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA) does not require employers to provide meal or extended rest breaks. Meal Breaks and State Law State LawsLess than half of U.S. states require companies to provide a meal or rest break. In many of these states, workers who work over 6 hours at once must be allowed 30 minutes to eat or rest. To avoid fraud, many states also enforce that this time is taken in the middle of the shift and not at the beginning or end, to protect employees from losing their break. Certain states coverpaid rest breaks from work, including bathroom breaks. Regulations vary. Of the states that do have break laws, some haveemployment lawswhich cover all employees others cover specific industries and classifi cations of workers. Maryland, for example, has a Shift Break Law that covers some retail workers. Paid rest breaks are currently required by state law in several states, including California, Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, Vermont, and Washington. States that regulatemeal breakstypically provide for 1/2 hour after every 5 or 6 hours worked. Breaks for Nursing Mothers TheAffordable Care Actrequires employers to provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the childs birth. Company Policy When breaks arent stipulated by law, employers may have company policies in place that provide for a certain amount of break time per work shift. Unioncollective bargaining agreementsmay also provide for breaks from work. For example, an employee could be given a 30-minute lunch break (unpaid) and two 15-minute breaks (paid) during each eight-hour shift. Or, as another example, an employee could have a 20-minute break in the morning and an hour for lunch. For a six-hour shift, an employee could receive two 10-minute breaks or a 20-minute lunch break. Another option is giving an employee a break after a certain number of hours of work. For example, an employee might receive a 15-minute break after every 3 hours of work. When company policy determines break periods, the amount and duration of breaks are set by the employer. If you are concerned that youre not receiving the correct amount of break time, check with your state department of labor for information on break time regulations. The Bottom Line FEDERAL LAW DOES NOT REQUIRE EMPLOYERS TO OFFER BREAKS Meal and rest breaks are not mandated under the Federal Labor Standards Act.HOWEVER, MANY STATE LAWS DO MANDATE BREAKS Check with your state department of labor for more information.IN ADDITION, EMPLOYERS OFTEN OFFER BREAKS ANYWAY To attract talent and maintain productivity and morale, many employers offer breaks.

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What Ive Learned About Coming Out as Transgender to My Boss - The Muse

What Ive Learned About Coming Out as Transgender to My Boss - The MuseWhat Ive Learned About Coming Out as Transgender to My Boss The first time it happened, it welches pretty benign. You have beautiful eyes, my boss told me one morning over coffee as we got ready to open up. You have beautiful eyes and eyelashes, she said again once Id put my green ceramic mug down, like she thought I hadnt heard zu sich. I swallowed the coffee hard, dragged up a smile from a cracked place somewhere in my gut. Ha Thanks I said, hoping that would end the conversation.The sun welches hitting every surface of the doggy day-care facility, which Id scrubbed free of dog excrement just the night before. In about 15 minutes clients would arrive to drop off their dogs before heading to work and I would take them outside one by one and wait as each dog did their first poop of the day. It wasnt glamorous, but I was making over minimum wage in my first post-college job and I got to play with dogs all day, so I called it a win. As a transgender person with no documents in my new name, I was happy to even have a job at all, dog shit notwithstanding.Thats what gives you away you know, said my boss, Sally (not her real name). Boys dont have pretty eyes like that. The MisfireI thought nothing of it in the moment. Sally was a middle-aged ex-punk from Alabama with a glass eye and a lot of bad tattoos. Kooky is my middle name shed said with a twang when I told her apologetically that I was transgender during a very informal job bewerbungsinterview. I smiled when she said it but wasnt sure exactly what she meant. Still, I couldnt afford to be picky. When she asked me if I could start right away, I said yes without thinking.That was my first real mistake, the way I came out to Sally. Like it changed things. Like it would impact my work performance. Like I was something she needed to make room for. And of course, I did it that way because at the time thats what I felt like being transgender was a mi stake, a burden, something to be endured. I had been living out of the closet for three years and just had top surgery. Life after top surgery was euphoric for a little while. I was feeling alive for the first time really- ever. But it was also terrifying, finally having something I cared about losing. I felt sure that if I lived too loudly in my new self that the universe might turn again and stop me somehow. So I tried to be quiet about my transness. I took the job and picked up dog shit and let Sally say whatever kooky crap came into her head.Sally didnt stop with my eyes though. She made comments about other parts of my body on an alfruchtwein daily basis, passing them off as good humored even though I always felt the edge in her voice. In the space of a few short months all my co-workers quit that facility. Sally was disorganized and could be volatile. After a particularly bad double shift I also called it quits when she told me that hiring queers like you is ruining my busines s.The Job SearchI decided it was time to level up the job hunt. I applied to anything and everything my humanities degree qualified me for. schlussverkauf positions, marketing assistants, office managers- anything that didnt involve poop, I joked when friends asked me what I was looking for. I bought a suit and cleaned up my beard and went to every interview I was offered.I researched companies I was meeting with to see if they were LGBTQ-friendly and read online testimonials of former workers trying to judge from afar if things might be a good fit. I ended up feeling more lost than found. Legally, I was still considered a woman even though outwardly I seemed like any other guy. I sat in job interviews with HR managers and tried to decide when the perfect moment might be to come out. But it never seemed to arrive. Interviews, even good ones, are awkward affairs. Im transgender, I finally blurted out in a second interview for an entry-level marketing position. The hiring manager rais ed an eyebrow but continued asking the same rote questions. Two days later they emailed me to say thank you for the interest, but it wasnt quite the right fit. After two months of searching, I hit a wall. Why did being trans have anything to do with anything? I was a good worker and my genitals didnt matter. Why did I feel like I was such a burden? Who had told me this and why in the hell did I believe them? I decided that going forward I would be in charge of when and how I told people. I spoke to a lawyer who told me where I stood legally. I covered all my bases. I bought a new tie. I sent out email after email. And finally, something came through.The Time I Got It RightAlex (also not his real name) seemed like a nice enough guy the first time I met him. Only a year older than me and a comic book nerd, we got on well from the start. I dressed down a little for my interview with him but still wore a blazer just in case. When I started to sweat because the room was so hot, he tugged at a lapel of my coat and joked, You can take that thing off now, youve already impressed me.It took three weeks to get things finalized, but I know I got that job in that first interview. Alex was setting up a new office for a content startup and I was the first official hire. I spoke with a VP and an HR rep and didnt come out to them either. It was my business and didnt have anything to do with my capabilities as an employee.But then it came time to sign my onboarding paperwork, and I knew Id have to say something. I left it a day, and then another. We were busy building desks and putting up pictures, figuring out where the good lunch spots were in our new office in East Nashville, so Alex didnt notice until the end of our first week. On our first Friday he shot me a quick email reminding me to sign everything and get it to him ASAPLate that afternoon I wrote my old name down on a piece of paper and walked over to Alex, who was sitting at his desk. My stomach twisted in apprehens ion and I felt a lick of sweat move across my brow, but I refused to give in to the urge to run. I deserved this job. I deserved to be working and happy and live a life I liked. I deserved to feel safe and confident in my workplace.I thought about Sally, the way Id told her like I was sharing a bad secret in an apologetic tone, with my shoulders hunched. Id felt so scared that I couldnt make eye contact and then I let her walk all over me. Not this time. I stood up straight, let my upper body relax, and took two deep breaths. Hey man, so I cant sign this paperwork as is. Its in the wrong name. My legal name is different. Ive written it down for you to send to HR so they can reissue the contracts and then Ill sign them, I said as nonchalantly as possible, making as much eye contact as I could muster. Alex glanced at the name Id written down, my legal female name. Oh- uh, okay he said, making a note on a Post-it. Im transgender. I hope thats not a problem, I added, wanting to make sur e we understood each other. I didnt say it loudly or angrily, just firmly, factually. My words hung in the air between us for a split second as Alex stood up to go home for the day.Nope. Not a problem over here. Though it does seem like a complicated undertaking, he said. It was a bad attempt at a joke, but I laughed with genuine relief.Lessons LearnedIt took me a long time to understand that most people dont really care all that much about other peoples business and that I actually had a lot more power in a coming out situation than Id thought. If I didnt make it a big deal, it probably wouldnt be a big deal. Id told Sally with my body language and my apologetic tone that she was doing me a favor hiring me, and thats exactly how she acted. Of course some of that is on Sally- I gave her the opportunity to behave badly, but she took me up on the offer. On some level she believed that she was doing me a favor, that on some level I actually was a burden. Because I choked that very firs t time I came out to a boss I learned that I still wasnt comfortable with my identity myself, and that I needed to address that if I was ever going to be comfortable living in the world at all. I had to understand and acknowledge to myself that my gender identity wasnt a burden and it wouldnt impair me as a worker in any way- I was still a worthy hire, and a worthy human. Its been a few years since that day and Ive since changed my name legally. Now in any professional setting I truly have the option to come out or not. Mostly I choose to come out every time. I do it because I want to be honest, not only for the people I work with but also for me. And I want my co-workers to see me for who I am a trans person whos damn good at his job.It never gets less awkward. Im always a little worried and always a little scared, but Im also calm and confident and kind. I give a boss or co-worker the chance to ask questions in the moment. And then we move forward.I figure Im not coming out for me , not anymore. Im doing it so the next trans person trying to get a job there isnt the first anymore. Im doing it so whoever comes after me doesnt have to answer any questions at all. Maybe thats a nave thought, but it gives me hope. Hope that in a not-too-distant future no one will have to come out at all.

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Essential Management Skill in the Digital Era

Essential Management Skill in the Digital EraEssential Management Skill in the Digital EraPredictions about the future of business sound very much like what we might expect to see in a science fiction movie from Hollywood Work will be monitored and controlled by increasingly intelligent machines and fewer menschengerecht workers.Drawing upon advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and vast quantities of real-time real big data, these machines will select strategies, tailor offerings and tactics and monitor fulfillment, all without human intervention.Factories will run by remote control.Deliveries will be facilitated by driverless cars and trucks as well as drones.In a nod to some of the best science fiction stories, problems will be resolved before they happen based on complicated predictive analytics engines drawing real-time input from a vast array of billions of sensors. While we might not realize this prelude-to-Terminator science fiction world of work in the next few years, there is little doubt that the role of manager and tactics for managing and leading will change in this emerging digital era. This article offers guidance for any manager interested in remaining viable and valuable as the future unfolds advancement by advancement. 10 Not So Far-Fetched Predictions About the World of Work Communication technologies continue to advance to enable high quality, real-time engagement with distributed teams and communities.The currently unfulfilled promise of Big Data will increasingly be realized as organizations learn to wrestle this beast with newer technologies, smarter algorithms, and organizations structured to treat data as a strategic life-force.Routine work will increasingly be automated freeing up positions, time and bandwidth for all workers.Innovation will occur in open source style with communities solving problems and sharing ideas and feedback. Projects will be recognized as the engines of creation and project management practices will expand to take advantage of the new tools for communication, monitoring, reporting and collaboration. The routine work of monitoring discrete tasks will be automated and project team members and the project manager will be free to focus on problem-solving and creation.The promise of virtual teams will finally be realized based on the advancements in communication technologies.Decision-making will be increasingly data-driven and mora routine decisions will be handled by machines. Organizations will flatten and spread horizontally and advancement will be based on ability to contribute value and less on theability to do more at a higher level.Managers will coach and support and facilitate, but not oversee day-to-day work.There will be fewer managers. For Managers, Its a Role in Transition The above points are exciting to ponder, yet for most of us, this future is somewhere over the horizon. Not every firm will adopt technology at the pace of an Uber or other firm born of digital DN A. Most organizations will evolve at the speed of their industries and competitors, with outside forces ultimately governing that speed. And in all of this excitement and turmoil and advancement, managers will still manage. Yet, those striving to remain relevant, particularly individuals at the front-end of their careers, must work deliberately at developing the skills that fit with the trends that will shape tomorrow. The balance of this article explores four critical areas where managers must invest in growing and tuning their skills. Four Key Areas Managers Must Strengthen to Remain Relevant Technical agility. Even formerly creative domains such as marketing are increasingly dominated by quantitative-focused technologists. There is no room for avoiding technology. Seek every opportunity in your work life to gain training on the latest programs and applications. Work in your personal life to understand and even participate in the trends around social, mobile, apps and others. Like it or not, your world is a technology driven world and if you fail to keep learning, you will be moving backward at the speed of change. Data agility. A great many managers still operate by gut instinct and prefer their own experiences to crunching the data. There are many challenges with data, including quality, relevance, accuracy, completeness etc., yet all of us are on the hook for learning to leverage the tools. As a veteran manager, I am unwilling to blindly trust data without understanding the assumptions and limitations, nonetheless, I am happy to factor data into my decision-making.Project agility. As routine work is increasingly automated, the work of projects will focus on innovation, infrastructure modernization and strategy execution. The role of project manager or project sponsor will grow in importance and effective managers will understand how to fulfill these roles and better support their teams. Networking agility. As organizations compress, the focus of work will be horizontal and not vertical within a function. Managers will increasingly be called upon to organize temporary coalitions to seize emerging opportunities and squash fast-moving threats. Additionally, as projects take on increasing significance, answers to key issues will reside somewhere outside of the traditional functions. An effective network that can tap into the right resources at the right time will be essential. The Bottom Line Admittedly, predicting the future by looking at a list of trends is much like predicting the taste of a dessert by looking at the list of ingredients. Nonetheless, the trends around communication, democratization of information and the work of innovation are fairly clear. The ultimate incarnation of technology might resemble the opening description in this article, but in the meantime, theres a great deal of work for managers able to command the new technologies in support of creation and business execution. For those who allow technology t o pass them by, the future will be a lot less accommodating.